Our Commitment

We are committed to a refreshing experience of head, face & body care.
Barberia was created to offer the best and most complete men's grooming experience.

Art Deco environment with strong influences from Italy of futurism. Round corners, luxurious details and the use of high end materials, compose a premium setting that isolates you from everyday life and puts you in a mood of renewal and decompression.
Privet space for those who choose privacy, a bar where you can enjoy your coffee or drink, separate area for limb care. A sel lin g point of the best products on the market for skin needs. The team consists of the most experienced and creative barbers in Greece. The "oriental trim" otherwise known as hot towel shave with falcetta , here experiences an ideal version since it is performed almost mystagogically . It is a process that every man must give himself a gift, with spectacular results in shaving and skin.
On the "front" of the haircut, and given that this is a decisive element of the appearance of each of us, in Barberia 1930 your image is a priority and the result guaranteed. The team will not only advise you on the basis of the morphology of your face which hai rcu t will
highlight your uniqueness, but will diagnose your scalp (fatness, dry skin, thinning) and "tire" you with the corresponding p roducts. The services are framed with everything that will complete your look: manicure and pedicure in our specially designed area, facial waxing with thread or wax, soothing moisturizing massage on the face.

At Barberia you can now combine the services of the barbershop with the sewing of your next surmesure suit in an exclusive area upstairs and in collaboration with Truman Clothiers! By appointment, your tailor will help you customize the garment of your cho ice,
with fabrics and designs alternating every now and then to keep your interest thriving and sharpened. Aqua Di Parma perfumes and British Penhaligons , handmade Italian Glasses The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear, Lab Series facials, etc. In the precious time you will
devote to us, we will offer you your favorite Dewar's Caribbean 8 years old or an espresso freshly cut from a DeLonghi machine. From now on we work with eLimo to ensure your transfer to and from Barberia by taxi or limousine of your choice. We want the time you spend with us to be the most "restful" moment of your day and that's why we're going to do the best we can. A unique nursing and shopping experience that will work therapeutically in your soul.

The Barberia team
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